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Bookkeeping Services, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth & Adelaide

Become More Organised

Our clients use the power of Cloud Accounting but if you’re not already using it, don’t worry. We can organise the conversion of your current software or if you are a new business we can set you up.
Regulate Revenues

Regular monitoring and reporting of payables and receivables due can have a remarkable impact on the health of any business' books which doesn't already have tight controls around it.
Less Bookkeeping Stress

Break free from the challenges of doing your own bookkeeping to spend the time doing what you love. Knowing your books are in good hands can be a great stress relief; one less complex thing to worry about!

Bookkeeping Freedom are Cloud Specialists

Our bookkeeping clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth & Adelaide use the power of Cloud Accounting but if you’re not already using it, don’t worry. We can organise the conversion of your current software or if you are a new business we can set you up!

Why not take advantage of our obligation free initial meeting where we will:

  1. Ascertain your bookkeeping needs
  2. Run through our scope of services
  3. Complete a free Health Check of your Data file

The first step of freeing yourself from the books is to touch base with us today. Lets get a quote organised and you may be surprised with the cost to your business and we promise you will be delighted with the service.

The Plight of a Modern Bookkeeper

As professionals, bookkeepers are working hard to raise their public profile. We no longer wish to be referred to as “just a bookkeeper” but we want to be known as professional business Improvement specialists because that is what we strive to be, and who better to help you achieve this than someone who is regularly in touch with your business finances and the comparable performance of other businesses books.

Technology is encouraging professional bookkeepers to enter an exciting world which puts so many tools at our fingertips and this allows us to provide you with so much more bookkeeping information than just your bank balance.

The team at Bookkeeping Freedom invest a lot of time and effort into professional growth so we can continually bring you a 5 star bookkeeping service. For us it’s no longer about mere data entry. With the power of technology and the experience in using it, we can make a big difference and help to affect significant change in businesses.

Call our bookkeeping experts today and let our experience guide you on how we can improve your situation.

Why Us?
Optimally Qualifed

We are also associates of the following organisations and currently operate in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth & Adelaide as well as remotely nationwide: The Tax Practitioners Board, The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Australian Bookkeepers Network, Australian Bookkeepers Association and we are Certified Quickbooks Online and Xero Advisors.

Customer Centric

We’d love to help! Why not take advantage of our obligation free & complimentary intial meeting where we will ascertain your bookkeeping needs, run through our scope of services & pricing and complete a free & thorough Health Check of your Data files.

On-Time Every-Time

We remove the challenges of meeting mandatory compliance obligations by regularly communicating deadlines with the client. As we are a registered BAS agent (NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS, SA, NT, WA) the client is provided with an extra 4 weeks to lodge BAS’s and IAS’s which can be helpful should you need it.

Leading Modern Tech

We guide on new & more efficient tech solutions which are tailored to help you achieve your bookkeeping & business goals. We assist you in gaining more clarity/certainty around your financials. Still stuck in spreadsheets? Tech has come a long way! Better control & reporting awaits.

Exemplary Results

By incorporating our bookkeeping experience spanning 15 years, our willingness to help businesses to push forward into the modern accounting world and a deep understanding of bookkeeping complexities, we ensure the best outcomes in the reporting functions of our role.

Accredited & Insured

We are able to provide all the certifications we hold and cover these requirements with you in reference to our mutual obligations and additionally that which we hold through nothing but enthusiasm to be the best! We are also fully insured for your peace of mind.

Bookkeeper FAQs

Are franchise opportunities available?

Sorry no we aren't a Franchisor however we are always happy to accept resume applications from bookkeepers with exceptional theoretical and practical experience. We are facilitating bookkeeping services for remote clientelle Australia-wide so you could apply from anywhere in Australia and we may have opportunity for you at some stage.

Can I cancel at any time? Can I change my subscription plan?

All our bookkeeping services always remain flexible for our clients. And that's because a) We genuinely care and wish to cooperate with our clients needs and b) Businesses by nature, are ever-changing. We need to remain flexible for our clients and adjust with change just like they have to. We just ask for 30 days notice to cancel so that we have a chance to manage an effective handover for you.

Can you work at my premises?

We can discuss it but generally we find it to be more efficient and cost-effective for both parties to operate from their independent space. We can absolutely facilitate on-site bookkeeping, however let's discuss first so we can be sure this is the very best option.

Do I need to keep all my receipts compiled?

Yes, a key factor of correct tax submissions are to ensure you have a tidy record of invoices which can easily be requested from the tax department but it is so easy to achieve today. A simple photo and email to self to a "bookkeeping-invoices" email address willl suffice or there are apps such as Hubdoc which automatically merge your invoices to your accounting software, just as easily.

How do I know if a bookkeeper is doing a good job?

Great question! A good bookkeeper will help you to understand the process they utilise to manage your books so that when you are conversing with your accountant you understand the process being implemented and can offer clarifications or receive feedback about any improvements to these processes that could be made. A good bookkeeper will also keep effective categories and organisational processes to assist in making end of period accounting more efficient and cost effective for you. They will also assist in keeping you abreast of cash-flow. Ultimately a good bookkeeper is a finetooth analyst that offers explanation and finds issues if they exist, before the accountant has to.

How do we get started?

Simply phone Tina today to discuss your requirements, Tina will provide a quote and expectation and be able to assist to get setup straight away and take the bookkeeping off your hands for good. Call Tina on +61 425 263 116 or email tina@bookkeepingfreedom.com.au

How much do I need to contribute for superannuation?

The Super Guarantee Contribution rate is currently equal to 9.5% of your ordinary time earnings, on income up to $54,030 per quarter. You can see more detail and a calculation tool here https://moneysmart.gov.au/grow-your-super/employer-contributions-calculator

How much does a bookkeeper cost?

Bookkeepers don't cost as much as you would think. Particularly when you consider the time it takes most business owners to do their own books when they could be applying that time to the most cost advantageous sector of their business such as sales for example or ensuring projects run on budget. Bookkeepers are generally cheaper than accountants also so having a professional bookkeeper manage the books all year simply means less work for the accountant. Group this with the fact that highly experienced Bookkeepers are highly efficient with their books management so what you feel is a big task may really be quite simple and quick for a bookkeeper to execute.

I feel I just need assistance to understand Xero/MYOB/Quickbooks

So, if you have just setup your accounting software and are a little confused, you wouldn't be the first! And it is important to gain your fundamental understanding of the accounting software sooner rather than later so that you don't end up with a big costly mess. Bookkeeping Freedom can help. Call us so we can ascertain the requirements and see how we can help.

Is a bookkeeper generally cheaper than a tax accountant?

Yes, generally having a tax accountant manage your books wouldn't be cost effective and they can tend to get swamped seasonally which could affect the accountants ability to maintain efficiency with your day to day at times.

Is a bookkeeper the same as an accountant?

No, an accountant is qualified to give accounting advice whereas a bookkeeper helps you to manage your financial categories, record keeping and cashflow.

Is it cheaper to do my own books and have an accountant fix it or just use a bookkeeper?

Since a bookkeepers rate will generally be less than an accountant it makes sense to tidy as you go rather than having an accountant dig back through data to correct it which could be twice as hard as doing it correctly initially, a lot more expensive and even twice as labour intensive for yourself. We would recommend absorbing a small cost along the way rather than a big surprise cost at the end of a period or the risk of messy books never being corrected at all and posing risk on an audit or risk in general to the business financial outcomes.

We currently spend too much time on payroll. Is there a more streamlined solution?

Yes, absolutely. Payroll doesn't need to be a pain. If setup right, using the right software for the right business then it can really be very simple to apply on a day to day week to week basis. Have a chat to us though so that we can advise for your particular situation. A conversation is free, let us help.

What areas can you service?

Bookkeeping Freedom headquarters are in Sydney and we are proud to be servicing businesses Nationwide and in every capital city in Australia. The main cities we service are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth & Adelaide.

What is the role of a modern bookkeeper?

The role of Bookkeeping Freedom is to provide our clients with modern bookkeeping technologies and services to help create efficiencies in their books management, payroll and cashflow; ultimately effecting positive change for a more profitable future with more time for self for the business owner.

What's the best bookkeeping software?

Check out our software page where we have provided a glimps of the 3 most commonly used accounting software platforms. We show you the setup process for each so you can get a feel for the program that speaks your language best!

Why do I need a bookkeeper?

Because its important to get the bookkeeping done correctly. Money can be lost, financial opportunity can be missed and tax time can sting if mismanaged. A professional bookkeeper has likely seen many similar situations to yours before and is privy to the available options and likely outcomes. A good bookkeeper is a safeguard against financial loss and remaining cashflow positive which is a very common area of difficulty with business owners that manage their own books. Having support with the books can not only offer relief to a business owner and the opportunity to focus on their profitable skills within the business but also generate financial comfort to the business when receivables are timely and the business accounts are organised ahead of time and commitments can be visualised resulting in more sound business decisions.

Ultimately every business is different and it is the guidance on first steps that can make such a big impact on the ease of submission at tax time. Don't let things snow ball, get in touch today and have a chat with a bookkeeping professional to ensure you aren't overlooking anything that can make life easier or more affordable in the long run.
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