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About Bookkeeping Freedom

Initiating a Consultation or Commencement is Easy

Let's have a look at your books, we'd love to assist! Here's what to expect getting started with a consultation.

The whole idea of what we love to do every day is assist businesses with a consultation, provide a quote for services and make the transition as seamless as possible for the client, which is usually easy! with the support of a couple of logins. If there is a rescue involved, we love nothing more than getting to work and tidying up the books to result in a simple, crystal clear and efficient system moving forward.

Some Bookkeeping Issues We All Too Often See

Some common issues; so that you don't feel alone and can become aware of some unknowns...

Some common issues we find with business owners books are inaccuracies in their figures, so they cannot make informed decisions around problem areas, forecasting and planning. They don’t have a true reflection/picture of expenses, income, assets and liabilities. Time constraint/management issues. Unable to move to the next level in their business and full earning potential. Inefficient use of technology (cloud) and resources such as employees/business owner. Challenges around bookkeeping compliance with government authorities i.e ATO, ASIC, workers comp, public liability etc. Overdue creditors and debtors resulting in late fees, accounts on hold and reduced cashflow (income). Stress and anxiety caused by an inefficient operation of the day to day bookkeeping processes and overall financial management of their business.

Solutions We Offer

Every good problem needs a great solution!

We provide an initial consultation and perform a basic health check to determine the status of the books in order to ascertain if the client is a rescue or not. Once a rescue has been performed (if needed) we continue to provide accurate and real time bookkeeping. We guide the client to new and more efficient technology solutions that assist and free up the time spent on bookkeeping tasks, so their focus can be redirected to other areas of the business. We remove the challenges of meeting mandatory compliance obligations by regularly communicating deadlines with the client. As we are a registered BAS agent the client is provided with an extra 4 weeks to lodge BAS’s and IAS’s. We offer a unique client focused solution which allows the business owner to have more clarity and certainty around their bookkeeping and financials.

Meet The Owner

Tina Jorgensen

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I’m Tina Jorgensen.
I’m the Business Owner at Bookkeeping Freedom where I help businesses improve every day.

My History

Hi, my name is Tina Jorgensen and I’ve been bookkeeping in Sydney since 2005. I started as an employee working under the direction of a CPA using MYOB, and as my experience grew so did my passion and enthusiasm for my work. In 2008 I became a sole trader and continued to expand my knowledge and skills. I’m on an exciting journey in the world of Cloud bookkeeping to discover an abundance of ways I can help you grow your business and become the success you envisage yourself and your business to be. We now service Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney & Melbourne.

Bookkeeping Freedom's Mission

Our mission is to help business owners in Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane to see the big picture through the smaller details and as a result are able to make their business the best it can be through involvement, growth and improvement. We offer holistic, cost effective and efficient bookkeeping solutions to help businesses move to their next desired stage. We provide you the opportunity and breathing space needed in order to grow and reach your business goals.

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