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Bookkeeping Price Packages

The Problem: Is Anyone Providing Quick Bookkeeping Prices?

1. Ok we recently engaged the powers of Google to search the bookkeeping market online for packages and bundles to see how our costs & fees compared to the average going rate. Not because we were considering changing our pricing, moreover we were interested in ensuring we were hovering around the middle. And the reality was a combination of relieving & a whole bunch of disappointment packaged up to be honest.

2. Why is nobody offering transparency with their bookkeeping costs to consumers and other businesses? If we are the only ones doing this surely people seeking a good bookkeeper with transparent rates will appreciate this. 

3. We were left with the question: Is it because bookkeeping managers feel they are over priced? Surely not… Maybe the rates they’re charging are difficult to generate consistently based on some core data points and require a case by case review to ensure the batch of services required are in fact a combination which a) supports the businesses’ direction, b) supports the business budget and c) supports what the business may be willing to do itself to save on some of those bookkeeping package charges.

The Solution: Our Duty To Provide A Simple Set Of Fees

1. In the end we decided to take this more seriously at our end and to ensure we were, one way or another, providing the people searching for a bookkeeper in Australia to be able to find at least one open book, transparent set of packaged prices they can simply enter their need from a set of simple choices and get a price instantly.

2. So we did that and HERE is the outcome. A simple tool on our website that allows you to tick a few boxes and get an pricing estimate to your inbox straight away.

3. Was it difficult? Well we did have to consolidate a million and one different scenarios and our document ended up looking like population rate data from an ASIO group spread-sheet but we got there in the end.

Do we feel comfortable providing these quotes…? Yes. While of course they are just estimates until the real conversation occurs… they are enough to give someone in the bookkeeper consideration process enough information on our fee’s and basic pricing while ensuring there are no hidden fee’s that could jump out. We managed to create a solid set of costs to our business for the varying bookkeeping services we offer, and from there we were able to close in on the prices we need to charge to our customers.

Who can benefit from this pricing tool?

  1. Consumers seeking a bookkeeper in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Perth all have direct access to bookkeepingfreedom.com.au’s main locations and will benefit from the direct access to their fee estimates; as well as anyone in Australia seeking a bookkeeper with package-able costs.
  2. Competing businesses will find the packages supportive in that they can easily use it as a tool to benchmark their own prices.
  3. Business Coaches & Bloggers I’m sure will get a little traction from guiding this tool into the appropriate business person’s hands so they can compare what they are currently paying for their bookkeeping and associated services.

What are the outlaying factors that could restrict the accuracy of the pricing tool?

1. Bookkeeping in the wrong hands is slow and tedious. Bookkeeping in the right hands can often be managed 10 times faster. 

2. With all the modern technologies at our fingertips today the task of bookkeeping is no longer simply about price for time. The bookkeeper must know about businesses, services and products and how any 1 businesses unique base factors marry in with the hundreds of varying modern technologies we have available to ensure the books are managed as efficiently as possible. We bookkeepers also need to ensure tech is capitalised on to help businesses deliver the best possible end to end customer service and the lowest price on tech fees and charges that may be incurred as a part of engaging those efficiencies into their business. 

3. These efficiencies can be so powerful but it really needs to be weighed up against the cost of the tech service itself generating the efficiency. A good bookkeeper is able to consolidate all the tech requirements that are possible and discuss the impact on the business and its books while discussing how the business owner feels about those impacts and inevitably coming up with a complete end to end tech solution which suits the business owner and assists to make the bookkeeping management tasks as efficient as possible.

Where Do I find these bookkeeping bundle prices?

Glad you asked! Since we’ve gone to the effort to price it all up for you. HERE it is!

We trust that this solution will really help people to get a quick online quote for bookkeeping services and remove some of the guess work from projected bookkeeping costs on their business now or into the future. 

Having said this though, nothing compares to a quick phone conversation in the bookkeeping realm.