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Tax Alert Notifications

Easily Understanding YOUR Tax Obligations

Here at Bookkeeping Freedom we often help our clients with similar issues and largely, the flow of annual tasks for a business to meet their bookkeeping requirements, are similar. Most business operate on the norm of month to month accountability on varying terms of payment and expect a certain cooperation from each other to help everyone’s life become a little easier in managing their own books.

There’s every chance that your bookkeeping management falls into a similar framework or you may have a week to week or event to event type of payment model which can be a great way of keeping a tighter rein on your cashflow. Either way, that vast majority of internal bookkeepers in business don’t have time to closely monitor every expected transaction outcome every day or every week.

Removing the Stress from Bookkeeping Awareness

At Bookkeeping Freedom we aim to be Australia’s favourite bookkeepers and so we wanted to support our clients and followers with a) removing the stress of staying aware of the current bookkeeping requirements and assisting with timely alerts of these accounting tasks b) alerting the users of IMPORTANT tax office updates, articles, policy changes, available funding opportunities and, c) occasional knowledge or product thought starters. Sometimes we can tend to get stuck in what we know even though it takes us 10 times longer than if we just embraced some new technology. These alerts we call “Efficiency Check-ins”. So, they can also be worth a quick look to help ignite those efforts to get involved in anything new that may help you!

We don’t want our users to receive too many alerts, or alerts that don’t suit their requirement. The alerts could become redundant or annoying to the user. We have built a very high-quality support tool which will send alerts to any desktop or mobile phone at the time it needs to be seen. To ensure you get the right information at the right time and cut through the noise of your emails, you can download our alerts tool HERE.

Getting It Done! By Auto Scheduling Your Bookkeeping Tasks

To get started with automatically scheduling your bookkeeping and accounting tasks forevermore, click HERE to start the download. It’s that easy! We will be in touch occasionally to make sure your bookkeeping is on track!

What Can I Expect with These Bookkeeping & Accounting Alerts?

The below gives you an idea of the type of popups you can expect and the frequency of these independent bookkeeping and accounting alerts are approximately once per week.